Where are you products made?
We manufacture and source every part that we possibly can right here in Australia.
Most belt grinders are bolted together, why are yours welded?
Whilst bolting the frames together is a simpler and cheaper method, we go to the extra trouble of welding them to ensure that no matter what you throw at the grinder the frame cannot move. Whether the grinder is dropped by a courier or driven hard the frame will always stay in exact alignment.

Why do you use rubber coated wheels? 
We use rubber coated idler wheels on the platen so they can be used as contact wheels for grinding with. We also use rubber coated wheels for the drive and tension wheels to provide far better belt traction than an aluminium wheel can provide. Not only does this ensure the belt never slips on the drive wheel under heavy loads but it also ensures that the tracking remains more stable without the need for heavily crowned wheels.

Can I buy direct from 84 Engineering?
At this stage, the only item we sell directly is the Multitool Upgrade Kit. All of our other products are sold through Artisan Supplies in Australia and New Zealand and Mythic Industries in other countries.